Reimagining Leadership in Jewish Organizations: Ten Practical Lessons to Help You Implement Change and Achieve Your Goals                                                                  -Jewish Lights Publishing

"Bringing people together through their organizational affiliations and then asking them to think beyond those institutions to serve the community in the best possible way is one of the most important challenges we face today in a world of too many Jewish nonprofits. That takes strong leadership. Are you prepared for it?"
―from the Introduction

In today's increasingly demanding world, you need a practical way to improve current lay and professional leadership in Jewish community organizations. Dr. Misha Galperin draws on over thirty years of professional experience, as well as insights from the world of business, psychology and research in Jewish demographics and sociology, to help you see what is working and what is not. In a style that is informative, accessible and direct, he provides inspiring, action-oriented advice and examples that illustrate how these "lessons from the field" can help you cultivate strong, effective and transformative leadership that will help your organization achieve its goals.

"Provokes important and critical questions about Jewish leadership today.... Both inspiring and instructive."
Natan Sharansky, chairman of the executive, The Jewish Agency

"Thoughtful, visionary and exceptional.... An important conversation around Jewish leadership."
Marlene Post, former chair, Hadassah and Birthright Israel Foundation

"Eminently readable, extremely useful, with astute psychological insights into the motivation of professionals and staff.... A must-read for all Jewish leaders and those who aspire to that role."
Elise Bernhard, president, National Foundation for Jewish Culture

The Case for Jewish Peoplehood: Can We Be One? with Dr. Erica Brown                                       -Jewish Lights Publishing

“Why is this conversation important? Why does it merit your attention? If you care about Jewish identity and community, then you know that we have no trouble identifying the problems that fragmentize us as a people but have far less success identifying that which unites us. Without a unifying, collective notion of Jewish identity that is meaningful and robust, it is virtually impossible to make a strong case for Jewish continuity.”
―from the Introduction

This call to Jewish community explores the purpose, possibilities, and limitations of peoplehood as a unifying concept of community for a people struggling profoundly with Jewish identity. It defines what peoplehood is―and is not―and explores both collective and personal Jewish identity and the nature of identity construction.

Drawing on history, sacred texts and contemporary scholarship, The Case for Jewish Peoplehood identifies some of the obstacles that challenge a shared notion of peoplehood: personal choices, construct of membership and boundaries, growth of Jewish illiteracy, identity fragmentation between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry, and the generational divide affecting traditionalists, baby boomers, and generations X and Y.

To help you join the conversation, the authors support a vision for the future and provide practical guidance and recommendations for getting there.

"Accessible and stimulating. Opens the windows and doors wide to invite all of us to participate in a spirited conversation about the changing nature of Jewish peoplehood in the twenty-first century."
Shifra Bronznick, co-author, Leveling the Playing Field: Advancing Women in Jewish Organizational Life; founder and president, Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community

“Effectively combines a broad review of the Jewish peoplehood concept with a nuanced understanding of how Jews live their lives. The authors take a conceptual framework with its origins in the works of Kaplan to a new plane, understanding that at a time of unlimited choices and unprecedented freedom, Jewish peoplehood takes on a myriad of meanings, while guided by unified values and powerful inspiration.”
Dr. Jeffrey Solomon, president, Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

“As the issue of Jewish peoplehood assumes greater urgency, Drs. Misha Galperin and Erica Brown have provided us with a rich resource. A must read for all concerned about the Jewish future.”
Dr. John Ruskay, executive vice president and chief executive officer, UJA-Federation of New York

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